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Dr. Angie Arrington, DSL

Evolve Coaching & Consulting Services, LLC is led by Dr. Angie Arrington and her masterful approach to developing strategic alliances, custom-designed services, solutions and programs through professional coaching and business consulting services. We create a positive environment and support to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals resulting in optimal operational excellence. This is based upon vast experience as a leading professional coach and business consultant built upon practical experiences, hands-on learning, professional training, education, and certification.  Much of Angie’s experience has come from 30 years of bootstrapping, entrepreneurship, masterful networking, and corporate experience.  These experiences have helped Dr. Angie develop the skills, knowledge, and abilities enabling her to build upon relevant experience to deliver customized solutions.


Having worked with thousands of employees and hundreds of customers, Dr. Angie’s authentic persona, collaborative partnering, transformational skills, and servant leadership abilities have helped her to develop a vast array of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Her strategic leadership abilities allow her to conduct facts-based research and applied critical thinking to serve individuals and organizations collectively. Through emotional intelligence, compassion, analysis, project and team management in coaching customers, Dr. Angie coach’s individuals and teams to achieve breakthroughs necessary to accomplish personal and professional goals that create optimal performance, and operational excellence.


Evolve Coaching & Consulting Services, LLC effectively combines coaching and consulting solutions that achieve results that matter.  Let us save you time and money.

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Select Clients

The White House

US Department of Transportation

National Institutes of Health

City of Durham

Wolfpack Sports Marketing

National Forum for Black Public Administrators

College Board

“She has a unique and enlightening ability to motivate others…”

On several occasions, I have engaged Dr. Arrington to provide staff development and leadership training for my staff at the College Board Educational Opportunity Center. She has developed and implemented a rigorous business communication and leadership curriculum that has proven to be of tremendous value for propelling my staff to achieve their career goals. As the consummate educator and trainer, she has a unique and enlightening ability to motivate others to pursue their goals and push themselves beyond expectations.

– JBF, Ph.D.

Associate Director


 We align people’s passion to performance.